miercuri, 22 iunie 2016

Convergia's Cloud Desktop

Convergia provides the best infrastructure Cloud Server instruments and solutions, including servers, systems, Data Retrieval, storage & other Virtual machines, Virtual dedicated server,VDI & VPN. Convergia Cloud Server helps you produce and set up performance Cloud servers right away. Cloud Server delivers organizations overall flexibility and functionality at an affordable price tag. Convergia provides the best system tools and features backed by vCloud hypervisor, CloudServer abstracts equipment including server, storage area, network infrastructure, NetApp storage, UCS blade chassis and a pool of processing and connectivity abilities in order to ensure cost effectiveness for all customers' demands. Cloud service Provider Convergia's Fibre Dedicated Internet offer symmetric Online access across our Fibre optic system, which allows a wide range of programs, like IP telephony, teleworkers,Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), Unified Communications and Collaboration resources. Web info and networking options will improve network administration and functionality such as Business-Internet, Fibre-Dedicated-Internet, MPLS-IP-VPN and also Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL). Convergia's Cloud Desktop is simply a comprehensive desktop alternative offering programs specific to the company specifications. Cloud Desktop incorporates all the add-ons essential for a normal Windows experience which include Java, Flash, Silverlight, AV and AM protection, and so forth. CloudDesktop solution assures a flexible, strong, personal virtual desktop setting for the business to maximize mobile productivity efficiently and securely. Our technical engineers have the knowledge to generate a powerful and safe platform for the corporation's day-to-day tasks, with a devoted list of assets.

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